Investigating the protection of heart and kidneys in patients with severe kidneyfailure

Assessment of cognition through an app

We will soon begin adding assessment of cognition to the study. This will be scored via an app and will take only 90 seconds of participants' time. The results will automatically flow into our database. This is an important addition to the endpoints we were already measuring in the Renal Lifecycle trial. Thanks to Orikami for making this possible.

Additional research on heart muscle function

Improved heart muscle function helps reduce the incidence of heart failure in dialysis patients. To investigate whether dapagliflozin can improve heart muscle function, we will image the heart with an ultrasound and an MRI scan. See further under Participants > Additional research into heart muscle function.

Germany started enrollment

The first centre in Germany has now also started enrolling patients. Well done team Wurzburg!


First participant in Australia October 2023

First participant in Germany April 2023

25th Participant involved in UMCG March 2023

First screening visit outside the UMCG 23-12-2022
First initiation other Dutch centers December 2nd 2022
Participating centers worldwide

Numbers of participants worldwide

Below is an overview of participants so far from study start. On the bottom bar the time, on the left bar the number of participants. The colours indicate which group of participants is involved. The numbers add up from all centres in all countries already participating.

An update of this chart will be posted frequently.

Participant numbers across patient groups from study start to February 2024 - measured globally


National television

The Renal Lifecycle research has made national television! In a broadcast of the program Koffietijd (on 28-10-2022) Professor Ron Gansevoort gave information


The October issue of Wisselwerking, the membership magazine of the NVN, features an interview with Drs. Heleen Nijmeijer, trial coordinator of the


There is a lot of interest in this study. All Dutch centers (hospitals and dialysis centers) have been approached and many have